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• 12/3/2012

What is included in keeping Characters pages up to date..

Your Characters and other characters:

  • Infoboxes: If they had a birthday, a new nickname, new break-up or relationship, etc, it needs to be current here as well.
  • Biography: Make sure it is up to date with every episode.
  • Personality: If a new trait is shown, make sure it's added.
  • Relationships: Any siginifcant events, kisses, break-ups, cheats, etc need to be added and kept current.
  • Songs: Make sure their solos, duets, and solos in a group number are kept current.
  • Trivia: If you notice any trivia, add it!
  • Gallery: If they have a picture in an episode's infobox, please add it to their gallery as well.

This is taken from straight from Justin's Update Team page. Please be kind and help us get the pages up to date.

To sign up for the Update Team do it here or post a reply.

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• 12/3/2012

Sounds perfect Jackie. Working on Miles and Ana!

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