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• 12/9/2012

Page Styles

I think that with our decision to buckle down on getting the wiki spiffy and up to date that we should hammer out the details on how to style the pages. 


In this order:

  • Information...who sung the song originally, who sung the version covered, who sung it on the show, what episode, and why.
  • Infoboxes with as much info as possible
  • Lyrics...should be accurate if possible
  • Song Covers...Any OFFICIAL covers (including alternate)
  • Galleries...If there is a pic used in an episode gallery/infobox confirmed to be from that performance, it should be in the gallery for that song.
  • Trivia...if you notice any trivia, please add it
  • Videos...Should we do a lyric/song video and the music video? What do you think? In case of shortened/incomplete musical videos [for example: Right Now (Taste the Victory)] both should be included.


With the episode pages, once an episode airs, a shorted summary of it should be added to replace spoilers and the SPOILERS disclaimer should be removed after the next episode has been released. They style should remain the same, just replacing Spoilers with Summary. The Page for Proud is a great example of what it should look like.


The question here is do we do the episode titles in Biography. We have strong arguments and about equal pros and cons for both.


  • Makes it easy to jump to a certain episode
  • Makes it organized
  • It's how most other wikis do it


  • Clutters up the infobox as we inch closer to 100 episodes
  • Lengthens the infobox to the point were we have significant scroll time to get to the article if we don't wanna skip.
  • May be confusing for new users when certain characters don't appear in an episode and that episode is missing from the infobox

The issue is, how to remedy this? Jackie has suggested getting rid of the episode titles in the biographies to make the infoboxes smaller and less cluttered, however the biography is more organized. Kyler has suggested that we create separate pages for each season, but I feel that is causes unnecessary navigation as I feel all info should be present on a page without having to go to separate pages. True, The What Could Have Been section I have pitched has a Main Article Navigation, but it only redirects further down the same page so the info is still present on the same page and I felt this was necessary as it recaps the episode and describes the alternate reality character without repeating the same stuff twice.

So should we allow each person to style the biographies of their characters as they wish? It would be hard to come up with a solution that would please all, but this would keep the pages from being 100% uniform? Is that a bad thing? What do you think? As long as the rest of the page is uniform, is it that much a deal? Give me your feedback on the issue, please.

Otherwise, the character pages should be styled like this, in this order:

  • Infobox (with complete, accurate, up-to-date info)
  • Character Banner (some are still not done yet)
  • Introduction with all necessary info and always ended with who created them and who portrays them
  • Background...Info on the creation of the character and them pre-first appearance in the series
  • Biography...Them in the series, with their role/interaction/performances in each episode recapped.
  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • Sexuality
  • Songs...Should we do this as a list, table, or what? Should each character's songs have an uniform appearance?
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Quotes
  • Videos...if there is a video that is applicable and fits, you can add it
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• 12/9/2012

Regardless, I do think it needs to be uniform. I'll honestly be happy with whatever we decide, and I do support menubox or seperate pages as it keeps more info and makes it look a lot neater. But anyhow, uniformity makes the Wiki look very nice, so I think everything should be the same yes.

• 12/9/2012

Alright I'll get those song pages ship shape Jus!

• 12/10/2012
i will do what you want jus
• 12/10/2012

To be honest Justin it is your wiki. how do you want it to look like? what why do you want it?

You know its gonna be an ongoing battle. Put your foot down on it. You know my suggestions and you know kyler's suggestions.

Make the final decision. If we don't like it we have to suck it up.

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