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• 10/18/2013

New The Next Generation Game: Guess the Plot Based on the Songs!

So the Parenthood page now has the songs in the right order...your job is to guess the plot based on the song order. Whoever gets the plot the CLOSEST to the actual plot gets 100 points. Next closest gets 50, and so on. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker question will be issued to decide, but I don't think we'll have a tie. Reply to this message with your answer by this time tomorrow (10:00 pm Thursday, October 17th) to qualify or else those measley 10 points are all you can get! Hurry!

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• 10/17/2013

To start off Miles solo is caused by Breezy showing up. Evan sings No Love Allowed as his round room to show how he was hurt in the past. The Brena duet is just a random duet at their work.  Breezy remembers when she found out she was pregnant with Arms Wide Open.  Camryn's Round Room is telling Lana that she is the one no matter what she has been through. Hallie's round room is about her not being anything like Camryn and her jealousy.   Everyone Talks is Miles and India sort of bonding over their past relationship. Jesse gets bolder when it comes to Honey and Miles isn't keen causing Don't Stand So Close To Me to happen.

• 10/17/2013

One More Night by Maroon 5. Sung by Miles Larson

Miles battles his feelings for Breezy rushing back to him causing a rift in his life, witht he addiction of his love on Honey and her connection with India.

No Love Allowed by Rihanna. Sung by Evan Marx

Evan's solo for the Round Room. It shows his vulnerabity explaining how his relationships have never worked in the past and he's been hurt about it.

Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Sung by Lana Addison and Breezy Hollister

Breezy connects with Lana confiding her deep secret to her, making them become friends and to rely on each other for their decisions in their love lives

With Arms Wide Open by Creed. Sung by Breezy Hollister

This song deals with Breezy realizing she's pregnant and that her baby would be welcomed and loved by herself hoping the baby won't make the same mistakes she did.

I'm The One by Ke$ha. Sung by Camryn Monahan

Camryn's Round Room song. The song is about Lana and their newfound relationship. It seems as she knows she has been helping Lana get rid of her feelings for Hallie and how the love she feels for her is enough to move the world.

If I Could Be Her by ZZ Ward. Sung by Hallie Grace

Hallie still has feelings for Lana, and she expresses it in her Round Room solo (As Jackie said, I love how both solos -this and the one before- coordinate) Hallie is in a lot of pain of being replaced and she feels Lana is forgetting her, but that she still loves her and it's still hers)

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. Sung by Miles Larson and India Wilson

India racing back to Miles' heart. It may also be due to people talking each other's back, mainly on Miles' side of him having a illegitimate child he didn't know about. Miles then again (I don't know how he can deal with it) doesn't know who his heart belongs to.

Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police. Sung by Jesse Nash feat. Honey Berry and Miles Larson

Honey tries to make Miles feel jealous with their new sexy teacher and he explains that it's inappropiate but that he likes the idea anyway. Miles is being jealous and tries to make Honey understand that she "doesn't stand so close to him"

• 10/18/2013

Miles' song is about how he finally got over Breezy and managed to get her out of his life but now, he sings One More Night to show how he is still caught up with her, and now he is having a hard time moving on since she has a baby. 

No Love Allowed is going to be Evan's round room performance. It is a song to demonstrate his more vulnerable side for Carmen, and it is also a message about how love has not worked out for him, whether with Lucas, Breezy, Claude, or Skyler. He always ends up broken and he doesn't know if he can let someone in again.

Breezy encounters Lana and the two grow a closer bond when Breezy reveals her big secret about the baby to Lana. The song Holding Out For A Hero is sung at work to demonstrate their new friendship and how they respectively need "heroes" to help them with their situations.

After Breezy has found out that she is pregant, she is much more receptive to letting Miles back into her life, and she is especially open to letting the baby into her life leading her to sing With Arms Wide Open.

Camryn gets her shot in the round room. I'm The One is a dual message to Lana and Hallie. It is telling Lana that she is going to be the one to take care of her and that she can move on from her past. It also is telling Hallie that she isn't the one who will take care of Lana anymore, she will.

Hallie rebuttles Camryn's performance with her round room song by singing If I Could Be Her. It's a vulnerable performance wear she reveals her insecurity with Camryn being with Lana, and how she doesn't feel good enough.

Everybody Talks is a duet to relive the fire between India and Miles. The two see each other personally for the first time, and it leads to old feelings coming back. It also is about the rumours that could be spreading about Miles.

The final song Don't Stand So Close To Me is an attempt for Honey to make Miles jealous. Jesse is stepping up his game for her, and Miles does NOT like it. 

• 10/18/2013

So here's the scoring breakdown. Each song will be scored on a scale of 1-5 for accuracy. At the end, each song's scores will be added up for the cumulative score. Being detailed MIGHT help because it has more details and if you get all the details right, it makes it more accurate, HOWEVER, with more details it also ups the chances you can get details wrong, so it doesn't exactly mean you're more certain to win. So here are each person's scoring breakdown based PURELY on accuracy to actual plot points/meaning. Minor spoilers may be within.

One More Night: This is caused by Breezy showing up. The reason Miles sings it is because Breezy is spending the night but his motives are unclear. Score: 4.5/5
No Love Allowed: This song is all about how Evan was hurt in the past. Dead on. Score 5/5
Holding Out For A Hero: This actually has no story for Lana or Breezy to it. Like Jackie says, a random song. Dead on. Score: 5/5
With Arms Wide Open: This song, sung as Breezy remembers, (as Jackie pointed out) is about her finding out she was pregnant. Score 5/5 
I'm The One: This is about Camryn assuring Lana she is the one. Dead on. Score: 5/5
If I Could Be Her: This is about Hallie's jealousy and how she doesn't measure up to Camryn. Dead on. Score: 5/5
Everybody Talks: This is a bit iffy. Not really bonding, more comforting. Score: 4/5
Don't Stand So Close To Me: This is about Jesse making more bold steps toward Honey after seeing how Miles hurt her and how she is using him to make Miles jealous and Miles not approving. Pretty close. Score: 4.5/5

One More Night: This is caused by Breezy showing up, but really has nothing to do with India or Honey at all, especially not India. Score: 4/5
No Love Allowed: Like Jackie, dead on with what the song is about. Score 5/5
Holding Out For A Hero: This actually has no story for Lana or Breezy to it. The bonding comes AFTERWARD, later on during the night and story.  Score: 4/5
With Arms Wide Open: Once again, dead on. Score 5/5 
I'm The One: I see where you were going with this, but it's more of a reassurance that "hey, I'm the one." But still, I don't disgaree totally. Score: 4.5/5
If I Could Be Her: Once again,  see where you were going but you forgot the fact that Hallie is insecure that she's not like Camryn, especially feeling she isn't as good as her. Score: 4.5/5
Everybody Talks: I kind of feel you hit the nail on the head here. Score: 5/5
Don't Stand So Close To Me: Perfectly dead on.  Score: 5/5

One More Night: Pretty close; his motives are unclear, but one could surmise that's why with the exception that it has nothing to do with the baby YET, as you will soon see why. Score: 4.5/5
No Love Allowed: Dead on. Score 5/5
Holding Out For A Hero: All this happens BEFORE the baby reveal and the song (as you will soon see) is a random duet. This was a trick question I put in here to help kind of shake it up Good guess, though. Score: 4/5
With Arms Wide Open: Pretty close, but as you will see Breezy wasn't so keen on letting Miles back in her life after this.... Score 4.5/5 
I'm The One: Pretty much dead on. Score: 5/5
If I Could Be Her: Dead on. Score: 5/5
Everybody Talks: I feel you got most of it right. As you will soon see, it's more about the rumors you mentioned. Score: 4.5/5
Don't Stand So Close To Me: Dead on. Score: 5/5

FINAL SCORES: (And boy was it a close one)
Jackie: 38 points (100 points won)
Juan: 37 points (25 points won)
Kyler: 37.5 points (50 points won)

• 10/18/2013

its because like juan says i sleep with justin!

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