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• 12/14/2013

Game 1 of 2: Guess the Plot Based on Songs

I haven't had a chance to be really creative with games and this proved to be the most popular game, so I thought I would do it again! The page for Dance, Dance 101 (linked for your convenience) has been updated with the songs in the episode order, so your task is to guess the plot line based on the songs and song order. I will once again be employing my grading method for the last game like this to determine who gets the closest to the actual plot. If anyone gets the same score, to break the tie, we will be looking at who posted FIRST. First to post gets a 10 point bonus for this game to break the tie. In the event of a three-way tie or more, first gets 10 points, second to post gets 5 points, and third to post gets 1 point. This will determine our top 3. There is also something special up for grabs for the winner: they get to see the summary for any scene in the episode they want before the episode is released! That means first place gets 100 points in the overall game and the sneak peek. Second place will take 75 points for the overall game. Third place will get 50 points for the overall games and all participants who don't place get 10 points just for playing. So without further ado, here we go:

Based on song order, please give me your best guess at the plot line of Dance, Dance 101.

Also, there is a hint to one of the songs' plot lines on the wiki if you wanna take the time to find it

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• 12/14/2013
  • I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You:  Jesse sings this to Honey about Miles as they start competing for her attention, possibly after noticing Miles isn't giving her the attentions she needs and deserves.
  • Milkshake/Don't You Want Me: It is sung by Camryn to Lana after she starts feeling insecure about Hallie's incessant hangers over her, so she keeps her interest on her, and also sings it to Hallie as a mock.
  • I Don't Dance: It is sung by Lana to Jesse because of her being a non-dancey girl. It leads to trouble when Jesse shoves Lana's lazyness to her face and threatens to flunk her. Miles encourages Lana into dancing (Lana sings Chad's part and Miles sings Ryan's)
  • Dance Again: Jaxon sings after he proclaims Dance as New Horizons theme for the week. He does it in order to help Lana.
  • Pop That Lock: Jaxon helps Lana with dance classes so she doesn't flunk Dance 101. (We expect a sexy performance :P)
  • Dance Me if You Can: Jesse sings it in his class along New Horizons as a challenge to prove them. The challenge is a dance off.
  • Dance, Dance: Lana sings and dances to Jesse to prove him she has what it takes to be in NYADA
  • Dancing Queen: As the week ends, New Horizons make the group number as a closure of it. They sing it to or about Lana.
• 12/15/2013
  • I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You: Jesse sings this in Dance 101 to show Honey he's very interested in her and to rub Miles' face in it.
  • Milkshake/Don't You Want Me: Camryn feel insecure abut Hallie always trying to get Lana's attention so sings it to try and keep Lana and rub it in Hallie's face, so it's basically G-Rated dance porn between Camryn and Lana, with an audience :P
  • I Don't Dance: Lana sings it to show to Jesse she doesn't dance. Ever. But Miles sings it to try and be there for Lana and prove she can dance.
  • Dance Again: Jaxon's way of announcing that New Horions will be helping Lana with her dance skills.
  • Pop That Lock: Jaxon helping Lana with her dance skills.
  • Dance Me If You Can: Jesse hears about New Horizons' lesson and is unimpressed and skeptical, which offends Honey to which the group perform Dance Me If You Can with Honey on lead to prove they can do it.
  • Dance, Dance: Lana proving she can dance, in the best way she knows how. Rock music.
  • Dancing Queen: After watching her perform Dance, Dance Jesse passes Lana in his class. Which upon hearing the New Horizons perform this to Lana as a congratulation song. :D
• 12/17/2013
  • I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You:  Jessie sings this as an answer to Honey asking him to teach Miles how to dance.
  • Milkshake/Don't You Want Me: Its a song that is a little stab at Hallie but more of Cammie wants to make sure Lana hasn't lost her attraction to her.
  • I Don't Dance: Lana sings this with Miles as an assignmnent for DD101 which makes Jessie confront her.
  • Dance Again: This song's plot is telling lana she can dance if he helps her.
  • Pop That Lock: This song is Lana and Jaxon practicing.
  • Dance Me if You Can: This song is a dance off.
  • Dance, Dance: Lana sings this her showing herself off with ND backing her.
  • Dancing Queen: It is a group number saying that everyone can dance.
• 12/17/2013
  • I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Dance With You: Miles gets jealous over Honey's dance lessons from Jesse and Jesse, angry with Miles, tells Honey the lessons are over declaring an end with this song. This is also a dig at Miles.
  • Milkshake/Don't You Want Me: The Milkshake parts are a stab at Hallie but at the same time an exhibition for her sexy side to keep Lana's attention. Camryn sings the Don't You Want Me parts to Lana. It's both an effort to keep Lana's attention from Hallie while mocking Hallie.
  • I Don't Dance: Miles tries to convince Lana she can dance after Lana ends up in danger of failing, but Lana is insistent that she isn't a dancer. Miles' motives are selfish, however.
  • Dance Again: After Lana asks Jaxon for help, he declares the rest of the week Dance Week to rally around Lana and help her. This is the song he kicks things off with.
  • Pop That Lock: This is Jaxon and Lana practicing the routine Jaxon is teaching Lana.
  • Dance Me If You Can: Honey has a dance-off with Jesse with New Horizons in her corner and Krystal and Madison (who sings) in Jesse's corner.
  • Dance, Dance: Lana shows off what she's picked up to Jesse in order to pass Dance 101. Lana uses this song to do so and NH joins in in support.
  • Dancing Queen: Proud of Lana, NH sings this song to and about her.
• 12/17/2013

Points Totals

Juan: 37.5/40
Hinton: 35.5/40
Jackie: 34.5/40

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