Glee Fandom starting to fade/continuation of Next Gen and NYADA Years.

As most of you know, Glee aired it's beautiful and astounding series finale last night, and I fear that the fandom is really gonna start to fade out after this.

Now I know you all who knew and worked with JamesonOTP aka, Justin McNeill on this wiki and the fanfictions have disowned him as a friend and colleague following his arrest for his...unfortunate disgusting desires. However, Next Gen and NYADA Years are really good fics and both me and User:Nashradio have been aiming to continue both without JamesonOTP.  I mean, it's been done on TV before: a creator either quits or gets fired for one reason or another, and the show continues without them.

However, we've both realized we can't do it alone, and so I'm calling on many of the authors who worked on this wiki and the fanfictions to return and help us continue with it.

I know you all have you're apprehensions, because of the nature of Justin's offenses (especially those who knew him personally and worked with him closely). But forget him. he screwed up, so that doesn't mean what he created here shouldn't suffer. Because I know all of you put in so much work to make the wiki and fanfictions so great.

So we should all consider JamesonOTP, aka Justin fired, cast out. Heck, if and/or when he gets out or every gets access to a computer again, and comes back here, he should be forced to step down.

It's your choice of whether or not you return to help us continue the fics, but I'm hoping you do.