Another Hundred People
Released: October 12, 2011
By: Cast of Company
Sung by: Nicole Martin
Solos: Nicole Martin
Place: The Auditorium
Episode: For Your Entertainment

Another Hundred People is a song from the 1970 Furth and Sondheim Broadway musical, Company. It is featured in the episode For Your Entertainment and sung by Nicole Martin. It is her audition song for New Directions. She shows up for her audition slightly late due to a Braniacs Club meeting. She is shy to sing at first, but she gets over her stage fright and is accepted into New Directions. Kurt comments that she is "almost Rachel Berry good."


Another hundred people just got off of the train
And came up through the ground
While another hundred people just got off of the bus
And are looking around
At another hundred people who got off of the plane
And are looking at us
Who got off of the train
And the plane and the bus
Maybe yesterday

It's a city of strangers,
Some come to work, some to play
A city of strangers
Some come to stare, some to stay
And every day
The ones who stay
Can find each other in the crowded streets and the guarded parks
By the rusty fountains and the dusty trees with the battered barks
And they walk together past upholstered walls with the crude remarks
And they meet at parties through the friends of friends who they never know

Do I pick you up or do I meet you there or shall we let it go?
Did you get my message? 'Cause I looked in vain
Can we see each other Tuesday if it doesn't rain?
Look, I'll call you in the morning or my service will explain
And another hundred people just got off of the train


Another Hundred People - Company

Another Hundred People - Company

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