Cooler Than Me
By: Mike Posner
Sung by: Jaxon Pierce
Episode: Battle of the Sexes

Cooler Than Me is a song by pop/R&B artist Mike Posner. The song was sung by Jaxon Pierce in the episode "Battle of the Sexes."

Jaxon sings this song because he has a crush on transfer student James Holland. Jaxon thinks that James doesn't know he exists. His song is interrupted when Azimio throws a slushie in his face.



If I could write you a song to make you fall in love

I would already have you up under my arm

I used up all of my tricks

I hope that you like this but you probably won't

You think you're cooler than me

You got designer shades just to hide your face

And you wear 'em around like you're cooler than me

You got your high brow shoes on your feet

And you wear 'em around like it ain't shh!

But you don't know the way you look

When your steps make that much noise

Shh, see I got you all figured out

You need everyone's eyes just to feel seen

Behind your makeup, nobody knows who you even are

Who do you think you are?