Glee: The Next Generation: The Pre-Glee-Quels are a series of upcoming prequel short stories written by Kurt's Boy 86, focusing on the new generation of New Directions. The format is slightly different from the fanfiction and tell the stories of each character's pre-Glee Club days, as well as Declan Portherhouse's story. There will be 15 in all, one released every two weeks. A release date for the first one has not yet been announced.

Format DifferencesEdit

The main differences in the formats are as follows:

  • Told from the first person perspective. No more voice overs as we know what the characters are thinking at all times.
  • Not as many songs. The only songs are the ones that tie directly into the storylines of the characters. Not every character will sing in their story.
  • The stories run a little bit longer, ranging from 15-20 pages each.

The EpisodesEdit

The following are in no particular order and don't nessecarily denote the order of release.

  1. Hallie: The Night In Question
  2. Jaxon: Jaxon B. Pierce, Mega Fierce
  3. Bella: No, Not THAT Bella...
  4. James: Adrenaline Rush
  5. Miles: Miles To Go
  6. India: Uptown Girl
  7. Evan: Heart On A Sleeve
  8. Honey: The Other Berry
  9. Kevin: The Man In The Mirror
  10. Rose: Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  11. John: #67
  12. Lucas: Lucas Triangle
  13. Nicole: Brainiac
  14. Breezy: Shooting Star
  15. Declan: Hard Knock Life