My Boyfriend's Back... Maybe?
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date November 11, 2011
Written by JamesonOTP
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My Boyfriend's Back... Maybe? is the seventh episode in JamesonOTP's ongoing Glee fan fiction, Glee: The Next Generation. It was released on November 11, 2011 and continued season 1 of his fan fiction.

India Wilson, Evan Marx, James Holland, Archie Carmichael, and Honey Berry are the main focuses of the episode, which also features recurring character Kurt Hummel.

This episode also marked the debut of wiki member created character Archie Carmichael, Vocal Adrenaline member and ex-boyfriend of James Holland (created by HotPinkSunnies).

Evan returns from his suspension a changed man but what does this spell for his relationship with HBIC India? Meanwhile, a ghost from James' past tracks him to McKinley. When it's revealed that it's his ex boyfriend from Carmel, Archie Carmichael, it leads to complications for both him and his relationship with Jaxon.


The episode opens in the choir room, during Glee Club as India Wilson smiles happily ot herself because Evan Marx's suspension is up and he will be returning to McKinley to hopefully help her continue her reign of terror. Will walks in and suggests that they start brainstorming ideas for a Sectionals setist. Honey Berry asks who is getting the duet, but Will hasn't decided yet. Honey feels dejected because she thinks that Will shot her down, as always. Later, Honey is walking down the hall and Nicole Martin approaches her, asking Honey what's up. Honey tells Nicole that she feels unappreciated and dismissed in Glee Club and she's living in Rachel Berry's shadow. Honey quits Glee Club and Nicole rushes to the rest of New Directions to break the news that Honey has quit. Bella cmes up with the idea that they can get Kurt to talk to Honey and hopefully get her to come back to Glee Club.

At Cheerios' practice, India performs My Boyfriend's Back, rubbing Evan's return in everyone else's face and subsequently threatening them as well. After practice, India makes her way to find Evan, who is patrolling the halls on Bullywhips duty. When India tries to talk to him, Evan dumps her saying that he doesn't like what he's become since he has been with her. Evan leaves India standing there in shock as he walks away, singing I Am Changing. As the song ends, Jaxon appears, saying that the news is already all over the halls. Jaxon lets Evan know that he understands where Evan was coming from and that with a little effort, Evan can turn things around. Evan seems surprised to hear Jaxon say that Evan is good looking, but Jaxon is quick to Let Evan know not to read too deep into that because he is dating James. Jaxon excuses himself, saying that he is supposed to go meet James.

In the courtyard, James is waiting for Jaxon when he is approached by Archie Carmichael, his ex-boyfriend from Carmel High.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
My Boyfriend's Back The Angels India Wilson and the Cheerios
I Am Changing Cast of Dreamgirls Evan Marx
Someone Like You Adele Archie Carmichael and James Holland
Shadow Ashlee Simpson Honey Berry
I Was Born To Love You Queen Jaxon Pierce
Without You David Guetta feat. Usher Archie Carmichael and Vocal Adrenaline
There For You Flyleaf New Directions

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