New Directions is the Glee Club of William McKinley High School. It was given the name of "New Directions" after Will Schuester took over. In Glee: The Next Generation, after losing all his former students, Will had to rebuild Glee Club from the ground up.

Season OneEdit

The first year, New Directions lost Sectionals, but won by default when the Holy Rollers were disqualified. They went on to win Regionals, but lost Nationals in Las Vegas to arch rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

Season TwoEdit

The second year, New Directions faced competition at home in the form of McKinley's second show choir, the Femme Fatales. New Directions would go on to win Sectionals. They won Regionals against Vocal Adrenaline and The Thurston High School Charmers, they won Nationals in Hollywood and won against the Harlem Hip-Hop Show Choir, however, they lost at Internationals after a physical altercation between Lana and India.

Current MembersEdit


Former MembersEdit



No. Name Status Solos* Position
1 Jaxon Pierce Inactive - Graduated 74 Member, Co-Captain
2 Honey Berry Inactive - Graduated 35 Member
3 Miles Larson Inactive - Graduated 56 Member
4 Nicole Martin Inactive - Graduated 38 Member
5 Kevin Rhodes Active 29 Member
6 Bella James Active 45 Member
7 Rose Mitchell Inactive - Graduated 44 Member
8 Evan Marx Inactive - Graduated 49 Member
9 Breezy Hollister Inactive 13 Member
10 Lucas Aguirre Inactive - Quit 17 Member
11 Hallie Grace Inactive - Graduated 29 Member
12 John Weiner Inactive - Died 11 Member
13 James Holland Active 41 Member
14 India Wilson Inactive - Expelled 9 Member
15 Declan Pierce Inactive - Quit 2 Member
16 Aldy Williams Inactive - Graduated 17 Member
17 Taylor Atkinson Active 19 Member
18 Lana Addison Inactive - Graduated 25 Member; Co Captain
19 Adam Gray Active 17 Member
20 Ana Watson Active Member
21 Natasha Leonard Inactive - Graduated Member
22 Claude Montague Inactive - Quit Member
23 Monique Ducasse Inactive - Graduated Member
24 McKenzie Kenton Inactive - Graduated Member
25 Reece Montgomery Active Member
26 Natalia Jensen Active Member
27 Dexter Iver Active Member
28 Davies Dawson Active Member
29 Jayden Hebberd Active Member
30 Etta Amato Active Member
31 Kimberly Williams Active


32 Teddy Cruz Active Member
33 Joshua Bennett Active Member
34 Ryder McDaniel Active Member
35 Tess McCord Active Member
36 Aleksander Crossman Active Member


Season 1 TableEdit

Season 1 Summer Break
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Jaxon Pierce Joined Active
Honey Berry Joined Active Quits / Rejoined Active
Miles Larson Joined Active Suspended Rejoined Active
Nicole Martin Joined Active
Kevin Rhodes Joined Active
Bella James Joined Active
Rose Mitchell Joined Active
Evan Marx Joined Active Suspended Rejoined Active
Breezy Hollister Joined Active
Lucas Aguirre Joined Active
Hallie Grace Joined Active
John Weiner Joined Active Suspended Rejoined Active
James Holland Joined Active
India Wilson Joined Active Transferred
Declan Pierce Joined Active Quits

Season 2 TableEdit

Season 2 Summer Break
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Jaxon Pierce Active
Honey Berry Active
Miles Larson Active
Nicole Martin Active
Kevin Rhodes Active
Bella James Active
Rose Mitchell Active
Evan Marx Active Quits Attends Prom Rejoined Active
Breezy Hollister Active Quits
Lucas Aguirre Active
Hallie Grace Active
John Weiner Active Died
James Holland Active
India Wilson Rejoined Active Quits
Aldy Williams Joined Active Quits
Taylor Atkinson Joined Active
Lana Addison Joined Active
Adam Gray Joined Active
Ana Watson Joined Active
Natasha Leonard Joined Active

Season 3 TableEdit

Season 3
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Jaxon Pierce Active
Honey Berry Active
Miles Larson Active Quits Rejoined Active
Nicole Martin Active
Kevin Rhodes Active
Bella James Active
Rose Mitchell Active
Evan Marx Active
Lucas Aguirre Active
Hallie Grace Active
James Holland Active
Taylor Atkinson Active
Lana Addison Active Quits
Adam Gray Active
Ana Watson Active
Natasha Leonard Active
Claude Montague Joined Active Transferred
Aldy Williams Rejoined Active
Lynsay Jeffries Joined/Transferred
Monique Ducasse Regionals

Season 4 TableEdit

Season 3
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Jaxon Pierce Active Graduated
Honey Berry Active Graduated
Miles Larson Active Graduated
Nicole Martin Active Absent Active Absent Active Graduated
Kevin Rhodes Active
Bella James Active Absent Active
Rose Mitchell Active Absent Active Graduated
Evan Marx Active Suspended Active Graduated
Lucas Aguirre Absent Active Absent Active Absent Active Absent Active Absent Quit/Transferred
Hallie Grace Active Graduated
James Holland Active
Taylor Atkinson Active Absent Active
Adam Gray Active Absent Active Absent Active
Ana Watson Active
Natasha Leonard Active Graduated
Aldy Williams Active Absent Active Absent Active Graduated
Monique Ducasse Joined Active Absent Active Quit/Rejoined Absent Active Graduated
Lana Addison Rejoined Active Graduated
McKenzie Kenton Joined Active Absent Graduated

Season 5 TableEdit

Season 5
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Kevin Rhodes Active
Bella James Active
James Holland Active
Taylor Atkinson Active
Adam Gray Active
Ana Watson Active
Reece Montgomery Joined Active
Natalia Jensen Joined Active
Dexter Iver Joined Active
Davies Dawson Joined Active
Jayden Hebberd Joined Active
Etta Amato Joined Active
Kimberly Williams Joined Active
Teddy Cruz Joined Active
Joshua Bennett Joined Active
Ryder McDaniel Joined Active
Tess McCord Joined Active
Aleksander Crossman Joined


All members have auditioned for New Directions with a song except for noted.

  1. For Your Entertainment (Jaxon Pierce)
  2. Bubbly (Honey Berry)
  3. Light On (Miles Larson)
  4. Another Hundred People (Nicole Martin)
  5. Love You Like A Love Song (Kevin Rhodes)
  6. Impossible (Bella James)
  7. Love Story (Rose Mitchell)
  8. 4 AM (Evan Marx)
  9. Wheel in the Sky (Breezy Hollister)
  10. Hey Yo! (Lucas Aguirre)
  11. Don't Forget (Hallie Grace)
  12. Fireflies (James Holland)
  13. The Reason (John Weiner)
  14. A Thousand Miles (India Wilson)
  15. Somebody Out There (Lana Addison)
  16. How You Remind Me (Aldy Williams)
  17. I'm The Leader of the Gang (I Am) (Lynsay Jeffries)
  18. Break The Ice (McKenzie Kenton)
  19. I Will Wait (Reece Montgomery)
  20. Mad World (Natalia Jensen)
  21. Demons (Dexter Iver)
  22. About A Girl (Davies Dawson)
  23. I Don't Believe You (Jayden Hebberd)
  24. Torn (Etta Amato)
  25. 808 (Kimberly Williams)
  26. Love Drunk (Teddy Cruz)
  27. Giants In The Sky (Joshua Bennett)
  28. The Scientist (Ryder McDaniel)
  29. Psycho (Tess McCord)

Declan Pierce, Taylor Atkinson, Adam Gray, Ana Watson, Natasha Leonard, Claude Montague, Monique Ducasse, and Aleksander Crossman joined without auditioning.

Setlist for CompetitionsEdit

Season 1:Edit

Invitationals, Season 1:

  • "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. Sung by New Directions (Girls) (Solos by Honey Berry, Breezy Hollister, Hallie Grace, Nicole Martin, Rose Mitchell & India Wilson)
  • "Right Now (Taste the Victory)" by Britney Spears. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Bella James, Breezy Hollister, Lucas Aguirre, James Holland & Honey Berry)
  • "Sure Fire Winners" by Adam Lambert. Sung by New Directions (Excl. India Wilson & Evan Marx) (Solos by Jaxon Pierce, James Holland & Miles Larson)

Sectionals, Season 1:

  • "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston. Sung by Bella James and Jaxon Pierce
  • "Blow" by Ke$ha. Sung by New Directions (Solos by James Holland, Jaxon Pierce, Hallie Grace, Bella James, Evan Marx, Nicole Martin, Rose Mitchell, John Weiner and Lucas Aguirre)
  • "Bulletproof (Sectionals Version)" by La Roux. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Honey Berry, Miles Larson, Nicole Martin, Jaxon Pierce, Bella James and Kevin Rhodes)

Regionals, Season 1:

  • "Honey" by Mariah Carey. Sung by Honey Berry and Kevin Rhodes
  • "Together Again" by Janet Jackson. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Bella James, Hallie Grace, James Holland, Jaxon Pierce, Breezy Hollister, Honey Berry and Kevin Rhodes)
  • "Family Affair" by Mary J Blige. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Evan Marx and India Wilson)

Nationals, Season 1:

  • "Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow. Sung by Miles Larson and Nicole Martin
  • "Pretty Vegas" by INXS. Sung by Jaxon Pierce and Evan Marx
  • "Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Bella James, James Holland, Hallie Grace and Rose Mitchell)

Season 2:Edit

Sectionals, Season 2:

  • "If" by Janet Jackson. Sung by Hallie Grace
  • "Miss You Much" by Janet Jackson. Sung by Evan Marx and Jaxon Pierce
  • "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Honey Berry, Breezy Hollister and Miles Larson)

Regionals, Season 2:

  • "I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner/Mariah Carey. Sung by Lana Addison and Hallie Grace
  • "Invincible" by Pat Benetar. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Miles Larson)
  • "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. Sung by New Directions (Solos by Jaxon Pierce, Lana Addison and Aldy Williams)

Nationals, Season 2:

Internationals, Season 2:

Season ThreeEdit

Sectionals, Season 3:

Regionals, Season 3:

Season FourEdit

Nationals, Season 4:

Internationals, Season 4:

  • "Strut" by The Cheetah Girls. Sung by New Directions.
  • "Sing For The Moment" by Eminem. Sung by Evan Marx feat. Miles Larson.
  • "Proud (Internationals Version)" by Heather Small. Sung by New Directions.

Known SongsEdit

Season OneEdit

Song Episode Solos
The Nicest Kids in Town For Your Entertainment JaxonMilesHoneyKevin, Nicole, and Bella
Proud Proud Miles, Jaxon, and Bella
We Built This City Two of Hearts John, Kevin, HallieIndiaHoney, and Evan
Right Now (Taste the Victory) Invitationals Bella, BreezyLucas,James, and Honey
Surefire Winners James, Jaxon, and Miles
This is Halloween This is Halloween James, Bella, Hallie, Miles, John, Evan, Jaxon, Rose, Nicole, and Breezy  
The Monster Mash John, Breezy, Miles, Bella, Jaxon, James, Lucas, Rose, India, Hallie, Nicole, and Honey
There For You My Boyfriend's Back... Maybe? Evan, Jaxon, James, Honey, Rose, Nicole, John, Kevin, Breezy, and Lucas
Tonight, Tonight Don't Turn Around Jaxon, Evan, James, Miles, Nicole, Breezy, John, Honey, Bella, India, Rose, Lucas, and Hallie
The Circle of Life The Most Magical Music On Earth Bella, India, John, Lucas, and Nicole
We All Want Love Battle For Sectionals Evan
Blow Jaxon, Hallie, Evan, Nicole, Rose, John, Miles, and Lucas
Bulletproof Honey, Miles, Nicole, Jaxon, Bella, and Kevin
I Made It John, Evan, Jaxon, James, and Miles
Where Are You Christmas Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Miles, Hallie, Bella, Honey, and Jaxon
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Santana, Artie, and Finn
The Power of Love The Power of Love Bella, Miles, Jaxon, and James
Early Mornin' Lucas, Rose, John, Nicole, and Kevin
Call It What You Want Love Conquers All Bella, Miles, India, John, Hallie, and Lucas
All You Need Is Love British Invasion Hallie, Jaxon, Lucas, Bella, Kevin, and Rose
Together Again Regionals Bella, Hallie, James, Jaxon, Breezy, Honey, and Kevin
Family Affair Evan and India
Remember The Time Heal the World Breezy, James, Nicole, Declan, Honey, and Jaxon
They Don't Care About Us Jaxon, James, Hallie, Evan, Bella, India, Miles, Declan, and John
Heal the World Jaxon, Rose, Breezy, James, and Nicole
Survivor Ignorance Lucas
Let's Go To Vegas Vegas Bella and Jaxon (with Santana, Kurt, Will, and Emma)
Waking Up In Vegas Bella, James, Hallie, and Rose
Cheers (Drink To That) LDN India, Honey, Miles, James, Nicole, Breezy, and John (with Dillon)

Season TwoEdit

Song Episode Solos
High School Never Ends  High School Never Ends Lucas, Nicole, James, Jaxon, India, Hallie, Kevin, Miles, and Rose
Goodbye Goodbye Hallie, Bella, India, Honey, Jaxon, Rose, Kevin, James, Nicole, and Lucas
Four Become One Nicole, Jaxon, and Miles
Hold On Miles, James, Jaxon, Honey, Kevin, and Rose
Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix) It's Britney, Bitch Rose, Honey, Kevin, Jaxon, Bella, Miles, and Nicole
Party Rock Anthem Popular James, Jaxon, Evan, Miles, Kevin, Aldy, Honey, Breezy, Rose, and Kevin
Club Can't Handle Me/2012/Dynamite Mash It Up! James, Miles, Breezy, Aldy, Evan, Lucas, Bella, Jaxon, Rose, and Kevin
Wild At Heart Yee-Haw Miles, Bella, Nicole, Jaxon, Kevin, Rose, and Hallie
Rhythm Nation Rhythm Nation Honey, Breezy, and Miles
Not Afraid Fear/Fearless Miles, Evan, Jaxon, Lucas, and Rose
Winter Wonderland Snowed In Jaxon, Bella, Miles, and Taylor (with Declan, Adam, Natasha, Chad, and Reece)
Party Up New Year's Eve Kevin
I'm Coming Out Labels Miles, James, Honey, and Evan
L.O.V.E. L.O.V.E. Honey, Breezy, Rose, Bella, Taylor, Lana, and Jaxon
Invincible Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Miles
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Jaxon, Aldy, and Lana
Guilty Pleasure James, Kevin, Rose, Nicole, and Jaxon
Move Along Beautiful Dangerous Evan, Rose, Kevin, and Nicole
Try Again Evan&B James, Honey, Rose, Nicole, Bella, and Lucas
New Divide New Divide Lana, Adam, Kevin, and Honey
All Time Low Heritage Nicole
Beautiful Sinner A Night To Remember Evan
Brokenhearted James, Jaxon, Bella, Rose, Kevin, and Miles
Hollywood Hollywood Jaxon, James, Miles, Taylor, Evan, Ana, Adam, and Rose
You Should Be Dancin' Jaxon, Miles, and Honey
Tiny Dancer Lana, Jaxon, Taylor, Rose, James, Nicole, Honey, Evan, and Miles
Paris (Ooh La La) Gold Forever Jaxon, Bella, Miles, and Nicole
Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) Evan, Kevin, and Nicole
Gold Forever Miles, Jaxon, Adam, Evan, and Kevin

Season ThreeEdit

Song Episode Solos
Chasing the Sun Days of Glory Jaxon, Hallie, Miles, and Claude
Hometown Glory Evan, Lana, and Nicole
Magic Magic Jaxon, Rose, Miles, and Evan
Disturbia We Made It Jaxon, Evan, and Rose
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Strength Aldy, Taylor, Miles, and Jaxon
Starships Young Forever Lana, Hallie, James, Taylor, Miles, Jaxon, Evan, Natasha Kevin, Honey, Adam, Nicole, Ana, Claude, and Lucas
Like Whoa Night Out James, Bella, Kevin, Rose, Lana, Hallie, Jaxon, Miles, Taylor, Adam, Natasha, Ana, Aldy, Nicole, and Honey
Kids in America Jaxon, Lana, Taylor, Honey, Lucas, Adam, Bella, Kevin, Rose, Natasha, and Ana
Thriller Ghost Evan, Lana, Jaxon, Bella, Claude, Kevin, Taylor, Adam, and Ana
Perfect Self-Esteem Bella, Hallie, Rose, Jaxon, Aldy, Lana, and Taylor
High School Musical High School Musical Jaxon, Honey, Evan, Taylor, Miles, and Bella
Hand In My Pocket Show Choir Showdown Lana, Adam, and Jaxon
Bully Lana, Jaxon, Evan, Miles, Lucas, James, Kevin, Bella, Aldy (with The Dalton Academy Warblers and Monique Ducasse)
Unpretty Freaky Monday Bella, Miles, Lana, Adam, Nicole, Chuck, and Natasha
Electric Feel Electric Feel Evan, Honey, Lucas, Nicole, and Adam
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Miracle At McKinley Jaxon, Honey, Miles, Natasha, Ana, Adam, Kevin, and Rose
Welcome Christmas N/A
Face Down Face Down Miles, Evan, Hallie, Natasha, Bella, James, and Ana
Love The Way You Lie Lana, Nicole, Evan, Miles, and Rose
Get The Party Started God Is A DJ Bella, Rose, Taylor, Evan, Miles, Jaxon, Ana, Honey, Natasha, James, and Kevin
Truth or Dare Truth or Dare Claude, Bella, Ana, James, Natasha, and Rose
Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Jaxon and Lana
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Honey and Lucas
Tears Dry On Their Own Amy Honey, James, Bella, Lucas, Rose, Miles, Hallie, Evan, Nicole, Adam, Taylor, and Jaxon
Shake It Out Retro Regionals Nicole
Now That We Found Love Miles, Evan, and Rose
Stop Nicole, Jaxon, Honey, Monique, and Lucas

Season FourEdit

Song Episode Solos
Changes Ch-Ch-Changes Jaxon, Honey, Evan, and Monique
No Diggity The School of Hip-Hop Evan, Jaxon, Bella, Kevin, Adam, Ana, James, Monique, and Rose
Welcome to the Black Parade Rock the Halls Bella and Jaxon
Everybody Gimme More Lana, Jaxon, Hallie, Honey, James, Rose, Monique, Nicole, and Evan
Live While We're Young Now or Never Adam, Nicole, Aldy, Taylor, Jaxon, Miles, McKenzie, Evan, Kevin, and Bella
Ironic Jagged Little Pill Evan, Natasha, James, Bella, Jaxon, Ana, Lucas, and McKenzie
Raise Your Glass This Is Home Natasha, Aldy, Honey, Kevin, Lana, Rose, Jaxon, and Nicole
Perform This Way Weird Kevin, Miles, Jaxon, Lana, Hallie, Natasha, Honey, Ana, and Monique
Without You When I'm Gone Bella, Honey, Monique, James, and McKenzie
American Idiot The Price of Freedom Jaxon
Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American) McKenzie, Rose, Hallie, Aldy, Kevin, Monique, Miles, Lucas, and Adam
Cum On Feel the Noize Homecoming Aldy, Bella, Adam, Lana, Evan, Monique, Jaxon, Honey, McKenzie, Nicole, Lucas, and Natasha
The Sign Miami Heat Hallie, Jaxon, and Monique
Turn the Beat Around Evan, Honey, and Bella
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) One Drunken Night Ana, Jaxon, Aldy, Nicole, Honey, Miles, Evan, Lana, Taylor, Kevin, and Monique
Battlefield Same Mistakes Jaxon, Evan, James, Miles, Taylor, Aldy, Chuck, Bella, Lana, Hallie, Monique, Rose, Honey, McKenzie, and Kevin
Retro Dance Freak Glee Goes Gaga Miles, McKenzie, Evan, Jaxon, Taylor, Honey, Rose, and Lana
Don't Judge Me Even Badder Reputation Miles, Honey, Hallie, Lana, Jaxon, and James
Prom Night Party Like It's Prom Night Miles, Jaxon, James, Rose, Monique, Chuck, Evan, and Hallie
Abroad Barcelona Beat Jaxon, Lana, James, Hallie, Miles, Honey, Evan, Rose, Kevin, Nicole, Adam, McKenzie, Ana, Bella, Natasha, Chuck, and Monique (with Reece)
Step Up McKenzie, Evan, Jaxon, James, Honey, Nicole, Adam, Rose, Lana, and Miles
Strut  James, Natasha, Jaxon, Nicole, and Kevin
Proud (Internationals Version) James, Bella, Kevin, Ana, Adam, Taylor, Jaxon, Lana, Miles, Hallie, Evan, Honey, Aldy, Monique, Natasha, McKenzie, and Nicole
Champions Evan, Aldy, Lana, Jaxon, Hallie, Miles, and Rose
Here's to Never Growing Up Graduation Part I Aldy, Miles, Bella, Jaxon, Taylor, Adam, and Evan
Time of Our Lives Honey
We Are Young Nicole, Lana, Adam, Aldy, Taylor, Ana, Natasha, Jaxon, Monique, James, and Rose
Remember the Name Graduation Part II Miles, Evan, Jaxon, Rose, Nicole, and Lana
Here's to Us Jaxon, Ana, Lana, Evan, Miles, Nicole, Rose, Aldy, Taylor, Adam, Bella, and Hallie

Season FiveEdit

Song Episode Solos
Move Over  The Newbies Bella, James, Ana, Kevin, Taylor and Adam
Yeah Yeah James, Ana, Davies, Dexter and Reece (with Holly and Kurt)
We Got The Beat Jaxon's Biggest Fan Ana, James, Bella, Davies, Kevin, Taylor, Reece, Kimberly, Dexter, Adam, EttaJayden and Natalia
You Gotta Be Handicapable Natalia, Teddy, Etta, Taylor, Joshua, Bella, James, Davies and Ana (with Artie)
Have A Little Faith In Me Dexter
Waiting For Tonight Femme Fatales 2.0 Bella and Reece
Song For the Lonely Ana, Davies, Adam, Kevin, Etta and Ryder
The Power of Goodbye Ana, Davies, James, Jaxon, Kimberly, Natalia, Ryder, and Teddy
Smile Wish You Were Here Adam, Aleksander, Ana, Davies, Etta, Joshua, Natalia, Taylor, Teddy, and Tess