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The Story, In SongEdit

Bella once thought that love was Impossible but that was before she met Hallie. But Hallie had struggled in life, going through things a young girl just Don't Forget easily. However, her best friend Bella was the one who eased her pain.

While Bella struggled with her feelings for both Miles and Hallie, she seemed torn because she wanted to fall for Miles like a Domino/Girls Fall Like Dominoes however, so naturally, Hallie fell for her. Bella knew right then that Hallie was her Dragonfly, the one who could help her soar to new heights.

So naturally, Bella broke Miles heart, deciding that Hallie was the other half of her Two of Hearts. But in Bella's life, someone is always gonna have to end up heartbroken so it's best she Don't Turn Around.

Bellie, In LoveEdit

Bellie is the relationship between Bella James and Hallie Grace. Bellie seems to be deeply in love because deep at the root, Bella and Hallie are best friends, even if they aren't dating. Bella loves Hallie and her twins and Hallie loves Bella and they are totally adorable together. They’re happy together and love each other for who they really are. They always support each other and defend each other. The relationship works so well because Bella loves Hallie's one year old twins and helps care for them, something Hallie isn't used to. Hallie trusts Balle with her heart and her kids, something she isn't really open to doing. When Hallie wants to cry, Bella is always there for her with a song to let her know how much she loves her. No one can take our beloved Bellie away from us, not even Miles. Bellie is endgame, enough said.

Stop acting like you don't wanna ship Bellie and become ours because it's Impossible to resist.

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