The Story, In SongEdit

Breezy knew she was a star, destined to keep turning like a Wheel in the Sky. Evan, however wasn't sure who he was or where he belonged, often laying awake til 4 AM, just trying to figure himself out.

When Evan started to date India, he became someone he didn't wanna be. Realizing he had become a Monster, he decided that he had to get rid of her and get right. Returning to McKinley, Evan swore "I Am Changing" and Breezy took notice, realizing he was no longer the Monster she once thought him to be.

Now, both Breezy and Evan are shocked to find themselves Accidentally in Love, however Breezy swears, "I Won't Say I'm In Love."

Brevan, In LoveEdit

Brevan is the relationship between Breezy Hollister and Evan Marx. Brevan is a relatively new couple, two people who shouldn't be in love but are, no matter how much they deny it at first. Evan is the popular jock and Breezy was the artsy diva destined to be a star. They were from two different worlds and are starcrossed lovers. They are almost too good looking to handle together. Despite being so different, they truly get one another deep down inside. They compliment each other so well. Breezy helps Evan figure himself out and what his place in this world is, while Evan showers Breezy with the attention she desperately craves. Like Tinkerbell, she needs his applause to live. Perhpas that is why this odd couple works so well together. Nobody can take Brevan away from us. No one. Brevan is endgame, enough said.

Stop with the I Won't Say I'm In Love with Brevan and become ours and find yourself Accidentally In Love.

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Evan Marx (Landon Liboiron)