The Most Magical Music On Earth
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 26, 2011
Written by JamesonOTP
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Don't Turn Around
Battle For Sectionals
The Most Magical Music on Earth is the ninth episode in JamesonOTP's ongoing Glee fan fiction, Glee: The Next Generation. It was released on November 26, 2011 and continued season 1 of his fan fiction.

Breezy Hollister, Evan Marx, James Holland, Honey Berry, and Declan Pierce are the main focuses of the episode.


New Directions is finally at a magical place and Will wants to keep it that way since they're just a week away from Sectionals. So, Will decides to dedicate an entire week to the most magical music on Earth: Disney Movie Songs. But New Directions aren't the only ones inspiring themselves with the inspirational music of Disney. At Jesse St. James' behest, Archie spies on New Directions and gives Vocal Adrenaline some Disney fueled inspiration himself. Meanwhile, Evan and Breezy struggle with their feelings: Evan finally feels like everything is right, but Breezy is scared of being in love. James struggles with his identity, wondering if he is really defined by his past with Vocal Adrenaline. Meanwhile, while Bella and Miles move closer together at Hallie's suggestion, Hallie struggles with her faith. Kevin and Rose feel their old feelings emerging again. And New Directions performs the ultimate motivation song.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
 A Whole New World Cast of Aladdin Kevin Rhodes and Rose Mitchell
God Help the Outcasts Cast of The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hallie Grace
I See the Light Cast of Tangled Evan Marx
I Won't Say I'm In Love Cast of Hercules Breezy Hollister and New Directions Girls
Poor Unfortunate Souls Cast of The Little Mermaid Archie Carmichael
Reflection Cast of Mulan James Holland
The Circle of Life Cast of The Lion King New Directions

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