Vocal Adrenaline is a rival choir to New Directions, considered to be their arch rivals. They made their debut in Glee during the episode "Pilot" and have continued to appear since then. Vocal Adrenaline is the show choir for Carmel High School.

In Glee: The Next Generation, they are still New Direction's arch rivals, competition wise, however, due to deep personal connections to some characters to other rival choirs, they are not as big of rivals to some of New Directions.


Before Glee: The Next Generation:Edit

Vocal Adrenaline was the main competition for New Directions upon seeing them perform "Rehab" at their showcase (Invitationals). However, things with Vocal Adrenaline took a personal turn when it's star, Jesse St. James supposedly defected to New Directions. Rachel Berry and Jesse began a relationship, much to everyone's dislike. However, Jesse was only using her to weaken New Directions before Regionals.

New Directions lost Regionals that year, loosing to both Aural Intensity (in second place) and Vocal Adrenaline (in first place).

In 2011, after Rachel Berry sent new student Sunshine Corazon to a crack house out of jealousy, Sunshine joined Vocal Adrenaline as its main vocalist. New Directions competed with them at Nationals, but did not make it to the showcase. Vocal Adrenaline, however, did.

In 2012, Vocal Adrenaline lost to New Directions at Nationals, securing their first loss at Nationals in many years and New Direction's first win.

In 2013, New Directions once again made it to Nationals, but came in second place to Vocal Adrenaline.

In 2014, New Directions didn't make it past Regionals. Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions were once again in the same Regionals competition. New Directions was very unprepared nd thus, were basically destroyed by Vocal Adrenaline.

During Glee: The Next Generation:Edit

Season 1Edit

During this season, it was revealed early on that James Holland attended Carmel for his freshman year. He was a member of Vocal Adrenaline, along with his then boyfriend, Archie Carmichael. James was the main soloist for Vocal Adrenaline. James couldn't stand Vocal Adrenaline's destroy or be destroyed attitude set forth by director Jesse St. James. So, James transferred to McKinley. However, some people haven't easily forgetten his past and try to use it against him, such as Evan Marx.

Vocal Adrenaline will make an appearance, along with Archie and Jesse, in the Nationals story arc of the fan fiction.


Known MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

Musical NumbersEdit

Season OneEdit

Song Episode Solos
"Without You" My Boyfriend's Back... Maybe? Archie
"Back In Time" Regionals Monique, Archie and Aaron
"Smooth Criminal" Heal the World Archie
"Tightrope" Vegas Monique
"Pumped Up Kicks" Archie

Season TwoEdit

Song Episode Solos
"I Want It All" Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Archie, Spider and Monique