Will Schuester
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 38-39 (Season 1)

39-40 (Season 2)
40 (Season 3)
41 (Season 4)

Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: 1976
Height: 6'
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Glee Club Director

Spanis Teacher

Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Schuester (Mother)

Mr. Schuester (Father)

Relationships: Emma Pillsbury-Schuester (wife, in love with, sexual)
Employer: Principal Figgins
Enemies: Sue Sylvester (sometimes)
Other Information
Interests: Glee Club, Teaching, Singing, Dancing
Clique: Glee Club, Acafellas (briefly), McKinley High Faculty
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Vulnerabilities: Feelings for Emma (former), Broadway opportunities
Strengths: Singing, Dancing, Teaching Glee Club
Weaknesses: Teaching Spanish
Awards: 1st place - 1992, 2009-2011 Sectionals
1st Place - 1993, 2011-2012 Regionals
1st Place - 1993,2012 Nationals

Teacher of the Year 08,12

Series Information
First appearance: For Your Entertainment
Portrayer: Matthew Morrison

William "Will" Schuester is a main character on Glee and Glee: The Next Generation. He takes charge of the William McKinley High School Glee Club, which he names New Directions after Sandy Ryerson got fired. In the quasi-alternate universe of Glee: The Next Generation, in which Glee is canon until early in Season 3, Will is still the McKinley High Spanish teacher. He was married to Terri in Season One of Glee, but the couple divorced after Will found out that Terri lied to him about being pregnant. He is married to McKinley High's guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury-Schuester. Will announced in Retro Regionals that Figgins is going into early retirement and he is trying to become Figgins replacement as McKinley High School's principal. JamesonOTP confirmed that in Season 5, Will will no longer be directing New Directions as he has taken over as principal and Holly Holiday will replace him.

Will Schuester is portrayed by Matthew Morrison.


Season 1Edit

Will is first seen in the pilot episode, For Your Entertainment, where he is debating giving up on Glee Club due to the disastrous year before. While at lunch, Emma Pillsbury and Shannon Beiste convince him to give it another shot, inspiring him to start an aggresive campaign to get kids to join. This entails offering solo spots at Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals as a prize to the first six to join. Will takes their advice, which leads to Jaxon Pierce and Honey Berry to audition upon seeing a flyer that Will puts up. After both Jaxon and Honey's auditions Will is impressed and accepts them both into New Directions. Later that night, Will and Emma are surprised by Rachel Berry, Blaine Anderson, and Kurt Hummel, who stop by to see Will. Will reveals that he and Emma are to be married in November and he wants Kurt to plan the wedding and come be his show choir consultant. Kurt agrees, saying it may be on a reduced schedule due to working on Wicked, but he'd be honored. The next day, Miles Larson, Nicole Martin, and Kevin Rhodes audition and Will happily accepts them into New Directions. Bella James is the last to audition and she brings the house with an emotional and dramatic performance of Impossible, impressing Will greatly, Will is looking for a song for New Directions to sing at an assembly to boost the number of try-outs. Jaxon suggests The Nicest Kids in Town. Will is last seen in the crowd, cheering New Directions on as the episode comes to an end.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit






Season 1Edit

Solos In A Group Number

  1. Let's Go To Vegas (Vegas) (with Bella, Santana, Jaxon, Kurt, Emma, and Sue)

Season 4Edit

Solos In A Group Number

  1. Hard Knock Life (The School of Hip-Hop) (with New Directions)